Pool decks are far too often neglected come spring cleaning time. It’s very important to get the grime, sand, and silt out of the pores of your concrete or paver deck, so that even the air is cleaner for the perfect outdoor space. The best way to do that is with pressure washing services in the Sarasota, FL.

We take great pride in our work. That includes taking the proper precautions to mitigate risk of harm to your property, and leaving it looking better than we found it. 

You may worry about how the chemicals in our cleaning solution will affect the chemical levels in your pool. We know it is hard to get those levels right sometimes. There’s no need to worry. Whether we are providing roof cleaning or deck cleaning, we take steps to protect your pool.

What Kind Of Cleaning Solution Do You Use And Will It Affect My Pool?

There is some cause for worry here. For instance, using a bleach based or detergent based solution can neutralize the chlorine in your pool water with hydrogen peroxide, and throw off your perfectly balanced pool water. 

We use a chlorine solution in our pressure washers, which is excellent if you have a chlorinated pool. Adding a more diluted chlorine solution to the pool will not really affect the water much, if at all!

To further minimize risk of damage, we will spray in a direction so that debris is not flowing into your pool as much as possible. Besides making a mess, dirt and debris piling up on your pool floor can seriously mess up your pool skimmer and vacuum, so we do everything we can to avoid it!

What Can I Do To Keep My Pool Area Cleaner Between Pressure Washing Services?

It seems like a daunting task to deep clean your pool deck whenever things get grimy and dirty, but it is much simpler to keep up with little by little. 

Use dish soap or bleach (but don’t mix!) with water to scrub your deck quarterly. This will keep grime away from the surface of your deck until your next pressure washing! 

You could also invest in a roof cleaning service to keep debris from falling into your pool from the roof as well. \If you’re looking for pressure washing or roof cleaning services in the Sarasota, FL area, give us a call for your free quote today!

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