Should you prewash before a power wash? What can you spray on your concrete driveway or walkway to help loosen a stain? When you get a pressure washing service, can they really remove any stain? Or should you pretreat the stain before having pressure washing in Bradenton Fl? It all depends on the kind of stain it is. 

All Stains are Treated 

When it comes to the driveway there are no limits to the dirt and stains that can build up. From the oil leak of a car to the rust of sitting metal there are many things that can ruin your driveway. But not all stains are treated with the same product. 

We’ve Got What You Need 

The great thing about a pressure washing service is that the pressure washer does most of the work. But there are some times when you may need a little more elbow grease. If you have a stubborn oil stain or a pesty rust stain, you may have to use a chemical stain remover to help with the job. When you call for a power washing service in Bradenton FL, we have all the stain removers and tools to remove any stain. 

  • Chlorine Mixture – When dealing with a rust stain we may use diluted sodium hypochlorite also known as chlorine to aid in removing the stain, but it is still the power of the pressure washer that does most of the work. Because the chlorine mixture is diluted, it is safe for pets, but will kill the mildew and algae that can also stain your driveway.
  • Oil Cleaners – While you can apply dish soap and water to an oil stain on your driveway, this is not as effective as other oil removers out there that can be applied before you pressure wash.
  • Clean it and Keep it Clean – After you have that pesky oil or rust stain blasted off your driveway, we recommend pressure washing it every 12 months to maintain a clean driveway.  If you have a driveway with pavers, you can protect it by having a paver sealing service in Bradenton FL after the pressure washing service has been completed.  

If you are tired of looking at an oil-stained driveway or that ring of rust left from an old tire rim, then it’s time for a power washing service in Bradenton FL. But remember, after cleaning the area, it is beneficial to seal it to keep it clean. So, call now for a free quote on your next pressure washing service and paver sealing in Bradenton FL.

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