Pressure washing isn’t just for roofs and siding. Did you know that you can have your patio furniture pressure washed as well? And not just the hard surfaces. Those dirty old patio cushions can have years of dirt blasted away with a pressure washing service in Sarasota FL. 

Start at the top 

Let’s get on the roof and clean those dirty old roof tiles. And while we are there let’s boost our energy with clean solar panels. For clean energy, you need clean solar panels. If your solar panels are covered in dirt and mildew, then it’s time for power washing in Sarasota FL. You can’t go green if your solar panels aren’t clean. Mold and mildew can build up quickly under the Florida sun. 

Complete Your Look 

Work your way down to a complete spring clean. Pressure washing services in Sarasota FL can begin on the roof but why stop there? You can have just about any hard surface cleaned with pressure washing. After you’re done on the roof, consider your house’s walkways, driveway, patio, and furniture that can be pressure washed. There are multiple settings to a pressure washer from a fast jet to blast away dirt from concrete to a lighter touch to wash away stubborn dirt and grime from those patio cushions. You can complete your look with the following: 

      1. Solar PanelsIt is recommended to clean your solar panels every 6-12 months.  Many solar panels are installed on a roof where it is hard to reach to clean.  Perhaps it’s time to consider having your panels cleaned with a pressure washing service.
      2. Pool DeckYou don’t have to scrub the deck. A power washing service in Sarasota, Fl., can do all the work for you.  
      3. Patio Furniture and CushionsWho wants to sit on dirty old cushions? Turn down the pressure on the pressure washer, dry them in the sunshine, and get them looking like new again.  
      4. Outdoor RugsComplete the look and turn the pressure washer back up to blast off pet hair, dirt, and smells from your porch or patio rug. 

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to start in spring. Start at the top now and work your way down to a total clean makeover. Consider a full house package deal and have all your outdoor surface pressure washed today. Keeping it green means keeping it clean. So, start on the rooftop and finish in your beautiful patio chair as you look down on your like-new patio when you call for your quote today! 

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