Your roof is a costly investment, and especially in Florida, needs to be properly cleaned regularly.

Choosing the right people to clean your home is an important decision which is why we take great pride in caring for and treating your home with the respect we would ours. If you’re in need of roof cleaning in the Bradenton, FL or surrounding areas, we’d love to help you out!

Before you schedule your roof cleaning, you may want to know our process. Here you go!

Breaking Down The Service – Step By Step

As we provide Sarasota and Bradenton, FL area’s pressure washing and roof cleaning services we want to be transparent with our services so you know what to expect and build trust. Let’s break down what a roof cleaning service will look like, step by step.

  1. Preparation – To prepare, I will cover all flowers and plants that may be sprayed with any cleaning chemicals in a heavy plastic that will protect them. I will also set up some sort of collection reservoir, depending on if you have a downspout or not, to collect the excess runoff. I will also be preparing the trim of the house to get a good, deep clean around those crevices.
  2. Cleaning – On Roofs I will use a chlorine solution in the pressure washer to get a good, heavy-duty clean. For roofing, we use a low pressure- about 150-200 PSI. This is to avoid damaging your roof, especially shingled roofs. We typically avoid metal roofing because of the chlorine and water rusting and damaging the roofing structure, visible and otherwise. We typically will do most, if not all of the service from a ladder on the perimeter of your roof. This is also to minimize risk of damage to your property by walking on your roof. There will, however, be some houses and roofs where this is not possible for the entirety of the roof, and we may have to get on it for a portion of the service.
  3. Finishing – At the end of the service, I will uncover the plants or flowers and give them a rinse down to assure they stay unaffected by the cleaning solution. Typically, letting the solution evaporate off of the roof is best after the service as it will prolong the effects of the service and ward off mildew/ mold growth for longer.

Are you struggling to keep up with the maintenance of cleaning your roof every year or more in the Florida heat and humidity? Are you selling your house and needing it to be in tip-top deep cleaned condition? Are you in the Bradenton, FL or surrounding areas and need pressure washing services? Let us help you out today, and give us a call!

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