If you are a business owner looking for pressure washing services in Bradenton, FL, you may be wondering if it’s time to get your storefront or offices done. We recommend pressure washing to be done every 12-24 months depending on which area of your businesses we’re working on (exterior walls vs. roofs). Roofs can be left alone slightly longer at 2 years between services while exterior walls typically need to be done every year to 16 months depending on the level of rain or trees in the area. 

Keep reading below if you are looking for the difference between commercial and residential pressure washing, or pressure washing in the Bradenton area

Main Differences In Commercial Power Washing

A business owner may want to get the exterior of their business power washed more frequently, depending on the level of debris collecting on roofs, or appearance and color of the exterior walls. However, the only other real difference would be that a commercial property may need to be serviced outside of our normal business hours. There would be a slight upcharge in this situation due the schedule conflict, but our main process of cleaning the building would be the same as doing a residential property. 

Our Process And Your Role In Maintenance

The first thing we will do when we arrive at your place of business will be to prep the area. If there are any plants that could be damaged, we will cover them with large and thick sheets of plastic to protect them from the force of the spray and the chlorine solution. 

Next we will proceed to power wash your building in the area or areas of your choice. We actually offer bundle discounts if you are looking to get multiple pressure washing services done at your place of business in Bradenton, FL.

We will let the cleaning solution sit a while before rinsing any areas because it helps with the longevity of the effects of the service, especially in this Florida climate where mold and mildew thrive. 

Finally, we will pack up our equipment and return your area to its cleaner state. In the meantime between services, be sure to spot clean as needed and seasonally clean your business exterior to maintain the integrity of your building. 

If you are in need of power washing in the Bradenton, FL area or surrounding areas, give us a call and we can provide a free quote for you! 

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