If you think pressure washing is only for houses, think again! Pressure washing service in Venice Florida is more than just cleaning the house or rooftop, it’s the whole package. Mold and Mildew don’t just grow on houses.  They can also take over your once beautiful walkway or driveway. Those once expensive-looking pavers can also fall victim to the warm and wet weather of Florida. 

Stain Removal 

A walkway and driveway can easily become a danger when covered with slippery mildew or a wet oil spill.  Pressure washing can blast away oil and years of dirt from any hard surface. Pressure washing can also take away rust stains on hard surfaces. The power of water under pressure can clean off almost any stain from your walk or driveway. Pressure washing isn’t just for concrete walks and driveways but also for tiled or paved walks or driveways. 

Paver Sealing

But don’t just stop at washing the surface. Paver sealing in Venice FL is the next step in bringing life back into your walkway and driveway.  Florida sunshine is so important to luscious landscapes and our Florida agriculture, but it can also do a lot of damage to your home and driveway. The sun can take years off the life of your pavers making them look worn and faded. So consider having a paver sealing service in Venice FL. 

  • Bringing Your Walkway and Driveway Back to Life – After your next pressure washing service in Venice Florida, consider  paver sealing to bring your pavers back to their original color dulled by the heat of the sun to make them look new again. 
  • Protecting Your Walkway and Driveway – Sealing your pavers helps to close the pores and protect them from the rapid buildup of mold and mildew. 
  • Prolong the Life of Your Walkway and Driveway – Lastly, Paver Sealing in Venice FL can extend the life of your pavers by protecting them from the sun. 

Have your pavers lost their deep lovely color due to the Florida sun? They can be brought back to life with paver sealing. The buildup of dirt and grime over the years can be gone in a blast. A blast of water that is. Why look at that oil stain another day? Why worry about falling on a slippery driveway when you can walk down your drive with confidence by simply having a pressure washing service done by a professional?  You can have your driveway looking brand new again in just a few hours while you relax in the shade. If you are ready to see your pavers looking the way they did the day they were installed, call now for your free quote! 

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