Ready to give your house a pick me up with a new paint job? Well, before you get out the paint buckets and paint brushes let’s do some assessments! Paint needs a clean surface in order to stick and a pressure washing in Venice, Fl, is just what you need to get the job done in the most efficient manner! 

Off With the Old

You must begin with a clean surface if you want a proper paint job. Before you put on the new coat of paint any chipped paint must be removed. You can either spend hours with a scraper or blast away that chipped paint with pressure washing in Venice, Fl for faster results. But before you start sprucing up the siding, take a step back and look at your roof. This would also be a great time to clean it up a bit before you begin to paint the siding. Complete the clean look with a roof cleaning in Venice, Fl. 

On With the New

After a roof cleaning in Venice, Fl and blasting off all the chipped paint from the exterior of the house, you now have a clean surface.  It is time to paint. The great news about having pressure washing in Venice, Fl, is it doesn’t take long to dry, so you can begin painting the same day. For the best paint job possible remember these things: 

      1. Assess it – Remember new paint won’t stick on old, chipped paint or a dirty surface, and paint won’t cover up mold and mildew. You need to first assess what needs to be cleaned for the next step.
      2. Clean it- Next, you must start with a clean surface.  Start at the top and consider a roof cleaning in Venice Fl, before you begin to paint the siding.    
      3. Remove it – And lastly, allow the pressure washer to blast chipped paint away for you and save many hours of time instead of trying to scrape off old paint.   

Painting the exterior of a house can cost many hours of time and money, so performing the cleaning needed for even and beautiful results, is necessary in order to have your paint job last longer and look great!  When you start with a clean surface, you will save yourself time and money. So consider pressure washing your house before painting and call for your quote today!

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