This is a common question. There are several factors that go into the cost of a pressure washing service in Venice, FL (or elsewhere like Sarasota, Bradenton, etc.). We’ve got plenty of experience in the field, so we can pretty much take a look at the house, roof, driveway, or patio and tell you how long the job will take and how much it will cost right there. However, if you’d like to know what goes into the price, keep reading.

Breaking Down The Price

To break down how we price out our services there are a few things we consider: 

  1. Base Price – There is a base price we have to charge to cover the cost of materials, travel, etc.
  2. Square Footage – Next, we consider the size of your home, roof, or surface to be cleaned. The larger the area, the more time it will take to clean.
  3. Prep Time – We also take into consideration the time and steps it will take to prepare, such as covering your plants and setting up drainage. 
  4. The Condition of What Is Being Cleaned – Finally, we look at the level of dirt and mildew/mold there is on the surface.

Let’s use the example of a roof cleaning in Venice, FL. Let’s say the starting price is $250 for your roof cleaning, but it has been a significant number of years since your roof was last cleaned and it’s very dirty and has mold and mildew growing on it. It’s going to take a fair bit more time and supplies for us to get it cleaned properly and looking nice. The quoted price will reflect that extra time and materials.

Common Questions About Home Cleaning

Many people who want their home pressure washed have questions about multiple stories and windows.

What if my home has multiple stories?
The home cleaning service cleans the exterior siding and walls of your home, not the roof unless you request to add that to the service. If you have a two or three story home, there will be a slight increase in price due to there being more surface area to clean using more materials and time, but it will not be double the price of a one story home. 

How do windows factor into pressure washing a house?
In a home cleaning service we will usually wash over the windows with solution, but will not use a specific glass cleaner on them. Our cleaning solution contains a component that is spot free. So, it is safe to use over your windows without leaving any residue. 

What if I have a lot of bushes or other things against my house?

Keeping timing in mind, if your property contains any lush overgrowth or hard-to-get-passed foliage, there will be a slight upcharge for the extra time taken to prepare the property and your plants so they are not harmed by the cleaning solution or the pressure of the wash. 

If you are looking to get multiple surfaces cleaned at once, we will honor a discount for that as an appreciation for your business! We take pride in doing the best work and giving the best power washing and roof cleaning services in the Venice, FL area. Contact us today for your quote! 

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