Nothing last forever no matter how much we’d like it to. Even a perfect job wears out in time. Such is the case for paver sealing. After years under the hot Florida sun, paver sealer can become spotty and begin to peel giving the sealer an uneven look. When this happens it’s time to remove the sealer and have another service of paver sealing in Venice Fl.  

Removing Paver Sealer

Paver sealer application is a messy job, but it’s even messier to remove. That’s why you want it done right. When it’s time to remove the paver sealer a chemical paver striper is applied that helps to lift the sealer so that it can then be washed away using a power washer. The paver stripper is very strong, and caution will need to be taken for this step. The stripper can remove paint as well as stain or damage surfaces. Therefore, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They take every precaution by covering your surfaces before using the stripper. Once the stripper does its job the power washer does the rest. 

Finishing the job 

After stripping and power washing away the stripper it’s time to reseal the pavers. The tedious job of stripping and resealing only needs to be done about every five years or so and with a professional doing the job it doesn’t have to be so tedious. Sealing the pavers helps to close the pores of the pavers, protecting them from oil spills and damage.  Since nothing lasts forever, it still needs to be redone from time to time. A power washing in Venice FL can help clean the surface but only a paver sealing in Venice Fl can protect the pavers from the damage of the sun. 

    1. Remove It – Spotty, pealing, uneven paver sealer is a clear sign that it’s time to remove paver sealer and begin again. After the chemical stripper strips away the worn sealer, a power washing in Venice FL is the next step to a new-looking walk or driveway.   
    2. Replace It – Once the old sealer is removed and washed away it’s time to reseal the pavers to make them look new once again.   

While it is important to have the insides of our homes to be clean, it is also important to have the outside of your home looking clean as well.  The first step in making your home have a clean, fresh look is a good power washing. Power washing removes dirt and mold, and paver sealing keeps your pavers from looking old and worn. If you are tired of your home looking run-down call for your quote today!

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