Bradenton FL is known for its beautiful, tiled roof homes and paved driveways. The trick to keeping these homes beautiful is to keep them looking clean and new. An easy way to do that is with paver sealing in Bradenton FL. Why settle for warn and faded-looking driveways when they can look brand new again in a matter of hours? 

Sections to consider pressure washing before sealing your pavers

      1. Top – Take a step back and ask yourself, is my roof ready for a roof cleaning service in Bradenton Fl.  
      2. Middle – Is your siding looking a bit slimy and moldy? Maybe it is time for a power wash too.  
      3. Bottom – What about that walkway or driveway? Could it use a cleaning? 

Start at the top
Before you seal your pavers, they need to be free of dirt and debris. As the rainy season is now upon us, so are the winds. With winds come falling leaves and branches that leave dirt and grime on your rooftop.  A build-up of dirt can compromise the integrity of your roof potentially causing leaks. So, it’s a good idea to keep your roof clean of dirt and debris with a roof cleaning service in Bradenton Fl. 

Work your way to the middle

After the roof has been cleaned, let’s look at the middle (the house).  In order to not have the dirt from the side of your house end up depositing on the top of your pavers, we recommend pressure washing the house before beginning to seal your pavers.

End at the bottom

The next step before paver sealing is done is to deep clean your walkway, driveway and pavers to ensure no residue will interfere with the paver sealer product.  Once the house has been cleaned from top to bottom, you are ready to have your pavers sealed.  

A professional job for a professional results  

When applying paver sealer, a professional job will result in a professional look. Paver sealer can be applied with a sprayer but if the sealer isn’t applied evenly you could end up with a mess. The trick is to spray an even coat on the surface without getting too much build up in one spot. Sometimes a roller is used to smooth out the sealer but when done professionally all that is needed is a sprayer to get a nice even texture.    

After you’ve cleaned your pavers, keep it clean and new looking with a paver sealing in Bradenton Fl. Let the professionals do the job. Don’t just keep it clean but bring it back to life. Paver sealing can make those warn dull-looking walkway tiles look new with a professional paver sealing in Brandon Fl. Call for your quote today!

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