Keeping the outside of your home clean is important in Florida. Not only does it keep your home looking clean and fresh, it also helps maintain the integrity of your home and saves you money and time in the long term. In Florida especially, mold and mildew thrive on roofs and pool decks. Power washing your home regularly is the easiest way to prevent grime build up and mold. 

If you’re looking for power washing your home in Venice, Florida or the surrounding areas, check out our website and blog for even more information! 

How Regularly Should I Power Wash My Home? 

When it comes to what schedule we would advise on power washing your home, it all boils down to which areas we would be working on. 

  • Roofs- Your roof may need to be washed more frequently depending on the  summer weather and how many trees are near your house, but we recommend pressure washing at least every 2 years on average.
  • Siding- The siding of your house gets dirtier much quicker than the roofs due to the different materials used for each, so we typically advise getting your siding pressure washed every 12-16 months. 
  • Pavers/ Decks- We recommend a strict 12 month schedule for pavers and decks, because of the risk of stains setting in if left for too long. 
  • Mobile Home Siding- Siding for mobile homes should be done every 12 months with very little wiggle room to postpone the service. 

We can usually get away with doing a slightly longer period in between washes than some others, because we will let the cleaning solution sit a bit longer when pressure washing your home. This helps ward off future mold and mildew growth for longer than immediately rinsing the solution off of the house. That’s one of the many reasons we stand out as the best place to go for pressure washing in the Venice, FL area

The Benefit Of Regular Power Washing

Power Washing your home regularly is a great investment. Neglecting the care and upkeep of your home will leave it susceptible by the elements. Paint will crack and peel, mold and mildew will grow in cracks, and dry rot will compromise the integrity of your home. 

All of these effects can be warded off with regular upkeep to the exterior of your home, made easy by power washing. To put it simply, power washing your home regularly and maintaining that cleanliness in the meantime will save you time and money on replacing materials on the exterior of your home. 

If you’re looking for power/ pressure washing services in the Venice, FL area, don’t hesitate to call us and discuss your needs; We’d love to help you maintain your precious home!

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