Sealing your pavers protects them from water damage, oil damage, or any other debris, which keeps your pavers looking clean and top notch for a longer time, as well as extending their lifespan.

Are you looking for paver sealing services in Bradenton, FL? Keep reading below to learn about our process in sealing pavers and how you can make your sealant last as long as possible, and give us a call! 

What To Expect Out Of Your Service

There are different paver sealants which may have differing longevity. Also, paver sealing service companies also differ in their process. We can’t speak to all sealants and paver sealing services, so we’ll focus on ours. (BTW – We also have power washing services in Bradenton and the surrounding areas as well)

Alright, let’s take a look at our paver sealing process! 

First, we’ll deep clean the area (we also have power washing services in Bradenton as well) and thoroughly rinse the pavers. Then, we use a leaf blower to blow any remaining debris off the pavers, and get them dry. Finally, once they are all dry and cleared, we will apply the sealant which will sit for about 12-24 hours depending, and will last on an average of 3 years. 

Some contributing factors to the longevity of the job include: 

    • High Traffic Area – If the pavers are in a high-traffic area or you drive over them often, this might erode the sealant more quickly. 
    • Car Oil – Likewise, if you work on your car often over the pavers, the oil will erode the sealant. 
    • Direct Sunlight – This may also affect the sealant, but not as quickly as other concerns. 
    • Frequent Dirt and Debris – If leaves or dirt/sand are frequently left over time on the pavers, this can slowly shorten the life of your sealant as well. 

How Do I Maintain My Newly Sealed Pavers? 

Keeping your pavers clean in between the 3 year re-sealing services will keep them looking bright and new!

If you notice any grime or spills on your pavers, just clean that spot as usual whenever you see the need.

Either seasonally or yearly, take some time to fully clean them! 

    • Clear the area, and sweep all debris off. 
    • Grab a bucket of water and add in some mild detergent soap. 
    • Brush this solution into your pavers with a stiff-bristled brush/ broom. 
    • Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and enjoy your sparkling pavers!

If you are looking for paver sealing or power washing services in the Bradenton, FL area, give us a call for a quote and more information regarding all the services we offer! We can’t wait to help you!

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