So, you’re looking at paver sealing services? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, starting with why you should seal your pavers. You want to seal your pavers to keep them cleaner, last longer, and ward off weed and mold growth in-between seasons. 

Read below to find out our process and how long after the service until you will see shiny clean and sealed pavers you can use. If you’re looking for paver cleaning and sealing in Sarasota, FL, check out the rest of our site for more info! 

What’s The Whole Process Look Like? 

    1. When we first come to your home, we will do some preparation to protect your plants, pools, pool cages, etc. 
    2. Next, we will give your pavers a thorough pressure wash cleaning and blow it dry (while also blowing away any debris) with a leaf blower. They need to be completely dry and totally clear before applying the sealant. 
    3. After the application is finished, you will need to wait 12 hours before walking on them again, and 24 hours until driving on them.
    4. If we need to make a path and do the job in separate sessions so that you’re not blocked entry into your house, we can certainly do that, as well. 

Will A Rainy Day Affect My Sealant Application? 

Depending on the amount and force of the rain, it could affect your sealant from drying properly. The best time to seal and clean your pavers in Florida is the winter or early spring, before all of the rain starts! Generally, a light rain won’t affect the job, but if a classic Florida downpour occurs, we will need to redo it. 

How Do I Maintain My Pavers, And How Long In-between Services? 

You should get your pavers cleaned and resealed every three years, or so, on average. 

Keeping your pavers clean will help maintain their longevity. If you notice any grime, food, or drink spills on your pavers, just clean that spot as soon as you notice it. 

Either seasonally or yearly, take some time to fully clean them by clearing the area, and sweeping all debris off them. Grab a bucket of water and add in some mild detergent soap. Brush this solution into your pavers with a stiff-bristled brush/ broom. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and enjoy your squeaky clean pavers!

If you are looking for paver cleaning and sealing or pressure washing services in the Sarasota, FL area, contact us today for your free quote! 

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