This is a common question we get. It is of the utmost importance to us to leave your property better than when we got to it, whether it be cleaning your roof, house, or pavers. This includes working with you to prepare your property, especially the landscaping and plants, you take great pride in maintaining. We’ve been providing roof cleaning and paver sealing services in the Lakewood Ranch and surrounding areas for over five years, and we always leave your house and your plants healthy and looking pristine! 

The Effects Of Power Washing Solutions On Plants

The Effects of power washing solutions on plants varies depending on what type of cleaning solution you use. 

    • Detergent based solutions can tend to brown your plants, especially colorful ones typically found in Florida landscapes.  
    • Bleach and chlorine bleach solutions will break down in the soil of your landscaping and become salt. Excess salt in your soil will significantly affect water absorption by your plants and can damage plants.

The thing with chlorine solutions, though, is that they are very good at conquering mold, mildew, and algae that thrive in our humid Florida climate. The good news is that with a little preparation we can neutralize the threat to your garden or landscaping posed by the more effective cleaner. 

Preparation For The Big Day

To prepare for the cleaning, both of us will have to do a little work to protect your plants and landscape. 

    1. Watering – Before we arrive at your house, we suggest watering your plants to dilute any possible run off during the roof, pavers, driveway, or house cleaning process. This will help with the water absorption process for your plants if our chlorine solution runoff gets into your landscaping at all. 
    2. Covering – Once we arrive, we will place large, thick plastic sheets over your plants to protect them from the cleaner. Please do not attempt to do this yourself before we come, as leaving them covered for too long can damage your plants by cutting off oxygen levels. 
    3. Collecting – Where possible, we will set up the means to collect as much of the run-off from the cleaning process and prevent it from getting in the soil around your house.
    4. Rinsing – After the cleaning service is finished, we will also rinse your plants down for good measure to further dilute any salt levels and rinse any cleaner off the plants which can cause decay if left alone. 

Following these steps, we can mitigate any harm possible to your beautiful plants! 

Call us today if you are looking for professional, experienced, and careful paver sealing and roof cleaning service providers in the Lakewood Ranch and surrounding areas!

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