So you’re looking for help to tackle a spot of mildew on your home’s siding or a grease stain in the driveway or perhaps you’re just looking to get a deep spring cleaning in this year? We offer pressure washing in the Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas. 

One common question we get is what chemical solution we use to clean your homes. We use Chlorine and water in our solution because of the benefits and high quality results. 

What Percentage?

Living in Florida, we are all too familiar with molds and mildews. To fight these and tough fuel and grease stains, we use a different ratio of chlorine to water which depends on how severe the spots are and what we’re cleaning. Roofs, for example, use a higher concentration of chlorine to water, about 50/50. Driveways and pavers will typically take a lesser concentration to clean, at about 25/75 chlorine to water. 

What Precautions Do You Take?

We take great pride in providing high quality power washing services in the Sarasota, FL area, and because of that, we take care of your property like it was our own. We will collect any chemical runoff from roofs and properly dispose of it as well as cover up any of your plants that may be sprayed. We also rinse plants down once the service is over just in case. Pressure washing in the Sarasota, FL area does not need to damage your plants or ruin your landscaping.

Are There Any Benefits To Chlorine Specifically? 

Chlorine is especially good for targeting tough grease and fuel stains on driveways as well as being much safer than bleach when it comes to chemical reactivity. At the concentrations we use chlorine, we can also target commonly found mildews and mold here in Florida. 

Ultimately, we found chlorine to get our clients the best results with the least risk associated with using it. 

Call us today to chat about our power washing services in Sarasota, FL and the surrounding areas. We’d love to make your home look and feel better!

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